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Azad Decorticator


Design : The machine is designed to facilitate speedy and efficient SHELLING of GROUNDNUT and NEEM Seed. The steel parts are well defined and fitted with well housed bearings to ensure it trouble free working and overall get up of the machine is most presentable.

Workmanship : The workmanship that goes into the production of this machine is the outcome of more than 55 years experience in the manufacture of this quality product. Jigs, fixtures and template are used to ensure accuracy for easy assembling with interchangeability of the parts.

Construction : Beaters are made of close grained semi-steel. The small channel grooves on their external surface, roll and shell the groundnut/ neem Seed and break them open. The beaters work at a definite angle with the inner surface of the grate.
Grate is composed of a number of flat steel bars having special section placed horizontally on their edges with a small intervening space between every two bars. The space can be adjusted to suit any size of groundnut / neem seed, thus doing away with the necessity of using separate grates for ever size of groundnuts / neem seed. Fan is mounted on a steel axle which revolves in ball bearing. The blades are made of iron sheets bolted to angle iron arms on both sides. The curve given to these angles and blades on accurate calculations so as to produce the best results.

Automatic Feeder is a special feature attached to the machine. It functions automatically so that the rate of feeding of the groundnuts / neem seed is well regulated. The feeder can be regulated and adjusted accordingly as to ensure the machine does not get clogged or chocked.



Chamber Size

Shelling Capacity (P.H. Approx)




Azad Decor - 10


400 Kg

100 Kg


Azad Decor - 20


800 Kg

200 Kg


Azad Decor - 30


1200 Kg

300 Kg


Azad Decor - 40


2600 Kg

650 Kg

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